Carly Bond


Super League on Sky

I know I’m a little late with my comments about this, but I’ve just been really busy this week and the news has slowed down since last week.

It’s nice to hear that Sky Sports have signed Rugby League up for another 5 years, even if this does mean that we have to listen to Stevo spelling out the word T R Y, Eddie loving Saints and Phil Clarke loving Wigan. Having the greatest game in the world shown on the best sports channel in the country is a good thing. I know some people out there would say that it should be on Terrestrial TV, but the coverage and the respect that the BBC give the challenge cup just proves why they shouldn’t get it.

Just wish Sky would fight for the NRL too, then the world would be a much greater place 🙂

Read more on the subject here: Sky Sports Article

Tinfoiling My House

Since I moved into my new house about 2 months ago, it would appear that the people around me are trying to virtually attack!

It started with the neighbour changing over my sky channel every five minutes, which when your trying to watch a recording, is extremely annoying.   Not only that but at one point I was worried that they were going to delete my saved episodes of Neighbours 🙂

Then tonight, I sat down, snuggled under a blanket, in my pjs ready to work on my website when I discovered my wireless had stopped working. After 2 hours of my on call helpdesk fixing it, it would appear that a number of other wifi networks have appeared & are now taking over my world! I mean, why now, why all of a sudden, I just wish they’d leave me alone!

There’s nothing left to do, I definitely need to tinfoil my house to stop these people virtually affecting my life, just like the girl in the film, Signs, when she stops aliens reading her mind! 🙂

Sky Never Miss


If you’re anything like me then you will always be wondering when the next series of your favourite programme is coming back onto your screens, well, with the Sky Never Miss functionality then you have to do just that, ‘Never Miss’ a programme.

All you have to do, is log in with your Username & Password, then either search for a tv programme you like, or look through the entire list of series’s & movies.  Once you have found it, then click Notify Me.  When the programme gets to within a week of being aired, an email will be sent to you advised you of the fact…Simples 🙂