Carly Bond


Getting There

I have spent most of today & yesterday with my friend, learning some more things about my website.  I’ve not really got much to show for it, but the little things have made me much happier & eager to learn more.  If you’ve been checking out my site on a regular basis (OK, so I know you haven’t, I think I am my only regular visitor 🙂 ), you will notice that I have made the following changes:

  • A few more pages, which point you to the categories I write about,
  • A new Tag Cloud, brilliantly explained in my new Bloggers Handbook, a present from Mike Hudson,
  • The background colour, ready for my change in image (hoping my husband designs it soon)
  • New Links
  • New Archives
  • New Favicon (I don’t really know what this means but it’s cute 🙂 )

I’m now getting the bug for amending, so keep watching this space.

Ready for development

So after approximately 2 nights & 1 whole day I am now ready to start developing my website.  With the help of a friend (I didn’t do anything by the way, other than make coffee & bacon sandwiches), I have now got a local host & the ability to mess around with HTML to my heart’s content without breaking my website, through Dreamweaver CS5.

Currently the only change I have made is a dashed line to a solid, but hey, I’m learning here 🙂

Hopefully there will be more to come, but bear with me 🙂 xx