Carly Bond

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook – Tasks in Calendar View

For a few months now the fact that I could see my tasks at the bottom of my Calendar view was driving me insane. Not sure why, probably because I’m pretty finicky……..OK, OK, a lot finicky :). But after some searching I found that you can turn them off. The example below shows the ‘Normal’ setting.


To hide the details of the tasks, you need to select the menu path: View > Daily Task List > Minimized


To remove them altogether, you need to select the menu path: View > Daily Task List > Off


Microsoft Outlook – Reading Pane – Mark as read issue


If like me, you like having your reading pane on to preview your messages but don’t want to ‘mark as read’ when you click off the message, you can change a setting to stop it from happening…simples 🙂

  • Tools > Options
  • Click the ‘Other’ tab
  • Click Reading Pane…
  • Make sure the ‘Mark item as read when selection changes’ tick box is unticked.
  • Click OK
  • Click OK

You should now be a move away from the message without any settings changing.

Microsoft Outlook – Reading Pane

For months now I have been driven insane by my Outlook…for some reason the Reading Pane had decided to give up the ghost, for no apparent reason whatsoever.  I kept looking in the ‘Customise Current View’ section of my inbox, but there is was, still set to ‘Bottom’.  Very frustrating.  So I decided to search for a solution.

Hidden away in the Help of Outlook is a section called ‘Disabled Items’, and there is was sitting there, as if looking at me in a cheeky way…I selected it, clicked ‘Enable’ & ‘Close’, restarted Outlook, and, hey presto, my Reading Pane was back.

Happy days 🙂