Carly Bond


Music Mayhem

A few weeks ago when I first saw my friend’s music collection, it made the hairs on my neck stand on end…how on earth could it be in a state like it is…folders everywhere, duplicates everywhere, my OCD for computer / folder tidiness went into overdrive. So I kindly (or stupidly) offered to help.

Over the next few days I worked my way from A to D in the alphabet & removed at least 2GB of music & files that were not needed. Unfortunately he then needed to take his Mac away from me & the work ended (I was a little sad that he took away that beautiful thing away but hey ho back to my Green Dell laptop, which is equally beautiful). But a little voice was always telling me there was a music folder there, unfinished, still mostly untidy.

I harassed him until he gave me his music on a external harddrive & here I am working my way through the rest. Yesterday was J to N and another 2GB gone, tonight is O onwards. He’s in London over the next few days…he says there’s no deadline, but I’m not so sure 😉

Wish me luck…Ssshhhh…..don’t tell him…I enjoy it, it’s strangely theraputic 🙂

iTunes Christmas Music Problems

If like me you have copious amounts of Christmas music in your iTunes library, but you like to shuffle or use the Genius playlist options, you will probably get annoyed that the occasional Christmas song pops up when you least expect it.

Well you can stop this from happening by following these simple instructions:

To stop them appearing in Shuffle

  • Right click the song(s) / album(s)
  • Select Get Info
  • Select the Options tab
  • Make sure the ‘Skip when shuffling’ option is selected (If multiple songs are selected, you will need to drop down the box to Yes)

To stop them appearing in Genius

  • Right click the song(s) / album(s)
  • Select Untick Selection
  • Go to menu path Store > Update Genuis

Recovering a Backup – iTunes

Recently I had to have my laptop stripped back & restored due to iTunes messing with my head (long story) and my personal IT Helpdesk had a problem with the back up of my iTunes library.  Now you may or may not know this about me, but I have a hatred for an untidy iTunes library, so hours & hours have been spent putting them in order, as to how I like them, so this caused me a slight panic.  You may go as far as to say I have an OCD about it.

Now as Mike had done all the hard work I thought it only fair that I take on some of the work & see if I could recover a previous backup I had made.   This wasn’t as easy as it sounds…due to the complete restore of my laptop, it would not recognise that the backups were done from this laptop, so this added an extra complication…well, for a novice like me anyways…so I thought I’d write some instructions in case anyone else needed to know how to do it 🙂