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Find your friends on Google+


The simplest things always seem to allude me and I searched for ages to find this so I thought I would post this for others who had the same problem as me.

Do you have a friend with an email address and you want to see if they are on Google+?, then follow these simple instructions:

1) Click on Circles


2) Click Add a new person

Add New Person

3) Enter the email address in the box that appear

4) Choose the circles you would like that friend to appear in

Choose Circles

If you’d like a google invite, then please feel free to read my previous post.

Google+ Invite Anyone?


Thanks to a close friend, I have had Google+ for a while now and I have been getting my head around all the new jargon; Circles, Plus 1’s, etc.  But I am realising that it’s not really any good without more people getting involved.

I can see how good it could be, with the ability to only post specific things to specific people being the best thing that I’ve seen, so far.

Now with my invite comes the ability to invite more people along.  So if you’d like me to send you across one, then please comment below with your email address and I’ll send you one.

If you’d like to find out more about it, take this tour.