Carly Bond


Crusaders Players off the Overseas Quota

So today it was announced that the RFL were going to compensating the Crusaders RL players by exempting them from the overseas quota for any club that they sign for, for the length of their new contract.

Now I know that this helps the players themselves, and god knows, after the last few days (& what would appear months, if the rumours that have come out of the club are to be believed) they need it.  However, I can’t quite get my head around how this helps the clubs that buy the player, and more so the clubs that don’t.  And how does this help the expansion of our game in terms of young England players coming through.

Surely rules are rules and they are there for a reason?

I guess only time will tell.

Road to Wembley Continues

I set off to the Leeds Rhinos vs Crusaders game today in a bit of a rush after spending far too much money on furniture for my new house, so didn’t really have time to think about the build up to the game. This turned out to be a good thing as when we arrived with only half an hour to spare, I started to get a little nervous!

I know that we beat our opponents a couple of weeks earlier, but it just had that nervous cup feeling about it! We started off like we’d taken a step backwards after the last couple of weeks! Dropping balls, missing tackles & ending up being 10-0 down 🙁

We then started to play, some awesome rugby came from nowhere with both Robbie Burrow & Jay Pitt having brilliant games. The bad news came when we lost 3 players to injuries over the course of the game; Danny McGuire, Brent Webb & Chris Clarkson. Here’s hoping that they’re not as bad as they looked, as we could really do without losing many more!

Overall, we played well with some bad injuries, reshuffling of players & some very stupid actions from players that resulted in penalties being given away, something that I thought we’d got to the bottom of.

Roll on the 5th round & fingers crossed for a good draw! Now to get home & watch it all over again on Sky Plus, where if pictures are to be believed, Danny McGuire takes his clothes off (Sorry, I know it gives us female supporters a bad name, but I just couldn’t resist 😉 )

Challenge Cup Weekend

My first rugby post from my new website 🙂

Roll on the Road to Wembley, that’s what I say.  I just can’t stop myself getting excited about the prospect of another trip to Wembley.  Last year was a whole host of emotions all in one day…I was so excited going back after 11 years that I just got swept away with the magic of the occasion, the walk up Wembley way to see that most amazing new stadium.  I missed the Twin Towers if I was honest, but the new version is just so spectacular.

The game itself was so disappointing, I had no idea how to feel.  I was devastated, that *that* could happen to us.  I was so sure we’d put up a fight but hey ho, it wasn’t to be.  Like a Twitter Friend said to me, ‘I’m not sure I’m ready for more cup final heartache yet! Not got over last season yet!’  This is exactly what I feel, but surely it can’t be like that again, can it?


Easter Monday Fun

Walking up the Headingley on a glorious Easter Monday, is one of my favorite places to be.  With the thoughts that Danny McGuire may be making a comeback after 7 months, just gave us a skip in our step.  It felt like it would give the team such a lift & it really did, as soon as his name was mentioned in the line up, everyone seemed so excited.

I couldn’t help but think back to that day where he injured his knee & Phil Clarke from the Sky Sports team made the stupid comments about him maybe deserving his injury due to him cheating, then I saw a tweet from someone I follow which said ‘Loving that the Rugby League Gods timed Danny McGuire’s ‘resurrection’ for Easter weekend. Spooky’, which just made me chuckle.

The game itself was exciting for the most part, with some good plays from both sides.  Leeds enjoyed most of the possession, however, there was a noticeable tiredness towards the end of the game, which was inevitable due to 2 games in 5 days.  We couldn’t have asked for anymore from the lads, 2 wins in 2 over the Easter weekend, now to Castleford, which will be tough.  Another local derby against a team that are 2 points & 2 places above us in the table & a game that will no doubt end in abuse from my cousin who is a massive Castleford fan :s

P.S. I can’t talk about the game on Easter Monday, without mentioning the pre-match entertainment, ‘Fake That’, who got me really excited about seeing the real thing in June…Not long now 🙂