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Castleford Tigers

Leeds Rhinos vs Castleford Tigers Rematch Review

Well what can I say about that performance? Awesome, just awesome 🙂

After the first break where Danny Buderus dropped the ball, I was thinking, oh no, it’s gonna be one of those nights again. Well how wrong could I have been.

There was speed at play of the ball, slick passes, players backing up, even a second phase. Everything that hasn’t been there in the last few weeks, was there. Even our discipline seemed much better, proven by Jamie Jones-Buchanan getting so so angry when the referee seemed to get a decision wrong, but he just closed his eyes & took a deep breath!

The play of the night for me, had to be the second try…Ben Jones-Bishop taking a bomb from Danny Orr. Then Danny Buderus setting Jamie Jones-Buchanan away, running over 40 metres before passing to Ryan Hall. Ryan then cut back inside and scored! Pure Class!

It was nice to see Leeds finally get some confidence going forward whilst still maintaining their pretty solid defence. If we carry on like this, it would be a great build up to Wembley.

Can we dare dream?

Leeds Rhinos v Castleford Tigers Rematch

Tomorrow night sees the rematch of Leeds Rhinos vs Castleford Tigers, this time at the Headingley Carnegie Stadium. I am expecting some kind of backlash from Castleford after the way they lost at the weekend.

I guess it all depends on how they have picked themselves up this week and/or how much we have celebrated this week. Both parties being difficult to control, I’m sure.

Leeds will be without Brett Delaney, which will make way for Ali Lauitiiti to come into the squad. And after his announcement, this week, that he will be a Wakefield player next year, I’m sure he will be keen to make sure his season ends on a high.

I do think it’s the right decision for Ali to move on. Don’t get me wrong, he has been/is an awesome signing for us & has been a loyal player for 8 years, but his injuries have become more & more regular, so I think as a team we need to move on. I wish him all the luck in the world in his future career.


Wembley Here We Come

Yesterday’s game has to go down as one of the most tense games I have ever been to.  My fingernails were bitten down to the bone with about 10 minutes to go.  I really didn’t think we were going to win, but win we did.  In the 84th minute 🙂  Yes, it went to extra time…talk about nerve racking.

For the whole game our defence was brilliant, apart from an amazing game turning try by Rangi Chase.  One end it was Leeds nearly scoring and within a couple of plays, he was going in, in the corner, turning Brent Webb inside out…breathtaking.  At this point, my heart sank.  It felt like it wasn’t our day.  50/50 calls were just not going our way.   We were struggling to make any move going forward & we seemed lost of any ideas when we got near the line.

Then with 7 minutes to go, up steps Kallum Watkins (although still very scrappily), going in, in the corner to leave a kick that couldn’t be much nearer to the sideline for Kevin Sinfield to kick to level the points, 8-8.  This was when I started watching the game through my fingers…I just couldn’t bare to watch, heart beating out of my chest & I was shaking like a leaf.  Both teams were attempting drop goals when they got close & I was sure, after all the speculation before the game of him not playing, Rangi Chase would win with a one pointer.  However, that was not the case & it went to extra time.

Within 4 minutes of the kick off, Ryan McGoldrick, was side stepped by an awesome run by DannyMcGuire and he caught him with a high shot.  The referee played advatnage for a few seconds, but when we knocked on, had no alternative but to give a penalty.  This was probably the longest minute ever…but up steps SIR KEVIN SINFIELD, should never have doubted him really!

WEMBLEY, HERE WE COME!!!!  Can’t wait to see one end of Wembley Stadium to be covered in Blue and Amber once again, it’s going to be awesome.

Leeds vs Castleford Preview

Today has finally arrived…the massive challenge cup semi final between Leeds Rhinos and Castleford Tigers! The different emotions that comes with such a big game are flowing already & have been all week. Excitement & nervousness, etc!

I’m not sure which way it’s going to go today. I really hope it’s Leeds Rhinos that win & that we can get excited about going to Wembley in a few weeks time, but I just can’t bear to think about it.

According to sources at the club, Leeds Rhinos have got an full side out and Castleford Tigers have been playing the Rangi Chase mind games. So it’s shaping up to be a close game.

I really, *really* hope that I’m reviewing the game as a happy, excited Leeds Rhinos fan!


Semi Final Rant

I was disappointed today when the venue for the semi final of the challenge cup was announced, Leeds Rhinos will be playing Castleford Tigers at the Keepmoat Stadium in Doncaster, on Sunday 7th August.  Now I know that the BBC like to show a full crowd to none Sky watching viewers but a capacity of 15,000 for a local derby that has been over 15,000 at Headingley for the last 3 years *and* in a semi final seems ridiculous to me.  Add to that, that Leeds Rhinos have more that 7,000 season ticket holders and I’m sure Castleford can’t be far off, if not above, 6,000.

But my biggest disappointment is mainly due to a friend of mine, Mike Hudson, who I have converted to a Leeds Rhinos fan this season, using the ‘Bring a Friend’ campaign that you get as standard with your season ticket.  Due to there only being a one for one ticket allocation for season ticket holders, he now can’t come, unless he wants to sit in ‘Reserved’ seating by himself.  It’s so maddening.  They ask us to try & grow the game, but then when the big games come alone, we are stopped from doing that.

He will be so gutted he has to sit at home & watch it on the TV.  I just hope we can win the game so that he can have a trip to Wembley (Fingers crossed that there’s more than a one to one allocation on the IF form)

Please, Leeds Rhinos, please help us out!!

Battle Royale

So off to ‘The Jungle’ we went (OK, so I know it’s not called ‘The Jungle’ anymore, but the name has stuck with me!) full of positive thoughts & feelings of optimism after a brilliant Easter & the news that Jamie Peacock would be making a return after 8 months out of the game.  I’m not sure what it is but it just feels different some how, like we’ve turned a corner in the season (I just hope this is true)

Stood on the 40 Yard line amongst a majority of Leeds fans, we awaited the game to kick off.  For most of the 1st half, I have to say, it felt like we were just watching one half of the pitch, unfortunatley the wrong half…It just felt like I’d been facing right, which must have meant the Tigers had most of the posession.  We scored after 1 & a half minutes, but then proceeded to defend our line for what felt like forever.

Castleford had 2 tries disallowed which could have changed the game, but unfortunatley, you may think I’m biased, I do think the referee got the decisions correct…they were forward.  Some brilliant defending was on show, not least an awesome one man tackle from Kevin Sinfield to hold them up over the line, and I have to say, the want & team spirit, was excellent to see.  To see Keith Senior run the width of the pitch just to Hi-5 Sinny for the tackle, made me feel…We’re Back!


Royal Wedding Leeds Rhinos Combo

So today has got the be made up of the weirdest selection of activities, a day which was meant to consist of shopping & lunch out followed by some rugby, was overtaken by some wedding.  That’s right, from the moment I got up & switched on ITV, I was just totally hooked on the Royal Wedding.  Now I’m not a total royalist & thought that I was only bothered about seeing what Kate was wearing, but I was wrong.  Seeing all the royals & Kate’s family, one by one arriving at Westminster Abbey (which I visited last November) made me actually wish I’d had a party or, in fact, gone & lined the street with all the other mad ‘eds…It would have been awesome!!

Although I have to say, sitting in my PJ’s wrapped in a blanket with a cup of tea, with Philip Schofield talking to me from the TV, has got to be a close second.  It’s been such an amazing thing to watch & I’m so glad I am not like my husband, who is currently boarding out the loft 🙂 & to top it all off, they have just sang Jerusalem, a hymn that sends shivers down my spine due to the memories of rugby league games gone by, which leads me, quite nicely, to the next part of my day.