Carly Bond


Des vacances en famille en Bretagne – Day 4

We decided after a local day yesterday we’d head out to the town of Quimper which is about an hour or so from where we are staying in Erdeven.

It was a lovely town with Tudor style crooked buildings and a big cathedral in the Centre Ville. It was fairly quiet as it was Monday and it seemed that some of the shops were just to get ready for the sales.

  For lunch we decided to try a local dish of crepes & every one of us couldn’t decipher all of the ingredients on the ones we’d ordered but in the end mine was delicious. Some kind of ratatouille & warm goats cheese wrapped in bacon, all on top of a lovely crepe! For the little man it was a fromage crepe which he loved. Mmmmm…Once we’d wandered round the town we decided to drive on the slower roads and stopped at a place called Benodet. It was a little town on an estuary with a few shops/cafes and you could catch river cruises too. It was a bit cold but as we’d been sightseeing all day we decided to let the boy have a 10 minute DIG even though the sand was a little disappointing.

Then it was back to the ranch for the Spaghetti Bolognese that we were suppose to have last night ? All in all, another very successful day!

Des vacances en famille en Bretagne – Day 3

Today was the first real day of our holidays and as we had driven pretty much for 2 days we decided to just stay local. The lady who looks after the gite had told us about a market in the little nearby town of Carnac, so we packed up the car with everything you could imagine. The weather was cloudy but we’d been told summer had arrived so before we left the gite I’d already had 2 outfit changes 🙂 Full length trousers, 3/4 length trousers which would be changed for a skirt later in the day…well you can just never be too careful 🙂

We jumped in the car & went on the 15 minute journey to Carnac. It was bustling with people of all ages and the stalls suited that. It was a, kind of allsorts of things, type of a market, with clothes, belts, shoes & bags available along with loads of different kinds of local foods…cheese, meats, olives & fish to name a few. Most of which looked amazing, some of which looked weird & wonderful.
We decided to try some of the local delicacies (goats cheese, salami sausages & Breton Gateau, which is a yummy biscuity cake thing) to have on our beach picnic, then we headed down to Plage de Legenese, which was beautiful. The sun had come out completely as this point, so perfect time to go ‘DIG’ on the beach.

We had a lovely picnic, built sandcastles, splashed in the very cold sea and went crabbing…well ok, daddy did…I read a book for change 🙂 We stayed there for most of the afternoon and by this point the sun was out completely but luckily we had brought the little man’s summer tent which was helpful for a bit of shade.At about 5 we decided to head back to the car and go to another town called Quiberon, which is a place on the end of a peninsula. We had a bit of a wander around before deciding to head to a restaurant for tea. This was not planned at all as we had Spaghetti Bolognese back at the gite but who wants that when mussels are on offer. It felt like we were a bit early for tea (about 7pm) so we held off for a little bit until we found a little restaurant called Quai Ouest.

It was a really good decision to make as the food was delicious, the service was excellent & they were very accommodating of a very well behaved Stanley (considering it was an hour past his bedtime) 🙂 It was such a nice change to be eating outside, late(ish) at night in such a lovely relaxed environment and the Moules Mariniere come highly recommended 🙂

Des vacances en famille en Bretagne – Day 2

We were woken at 7am (6am British Time) by some lovely twinkly music…when I say lovely, I mean annoying. I mean who wants to be woken at that time in the morning by anything!

The crossing had been lovely & calm and after the day/night before the little man began to eat us out of house & home to a point where I started worrying that I’d brought enough snacks.

Once we had disembarked from the ferry, we decided to go into the port of St Malo to have breakfast and have a look around as we didn’t need to be at our cottage until 4pm in the afternoon.

St Malo was a beautiful place. Lovely walled city & with the sun shining & the temperature at about 24 degrees it was just my kind of place. First stop was ‘Le Petit Déjeuner’…mmmmm Pain au Chocolat, baguette, butter & jam, orange juice & tea…my kind of breakfast!

Then we went for a walk round the town, find a little park for the little man to play in for a while and then on to the walls. It was lovely & we just wished we’d had another couple of hours to have lunch and go on the beach.

But it was back to the car for the final 2.5 hour journey down to just outside Vannes to a little place called Erdeven. Stanley was getting a little fed up on this journey, with a stop for lunch in Elven, and a stop for shopping & fuel but we finally made it at about 4.30pm. The gite was amazing. Light & airy and full of space…the garden was just perfect for Stanley to play in…a much earned runaround for being a well behaved boy on the way down. And…if you wanted to know…we made it all the way here with only one episode of Peppa Pig in the cabin on the ferry! Go Stanley! 🙂

What will tomorrow bring…who knows! But right now, I can hear a local market & a beach calling me 🙂 Au Revoir 


Des vacances en famille en Bretagne – Day 1

We set off on the long journey to Southern Brittany today, knowing that we had a 2 day car journey with a 22 month old was a little bit daunting but exciting none the less. The challenge was to get to our destination without having to resort to watching Peppa Pig on the iPad…could we do it. Well…I mean, you know what would happen…every time we set foot in the car from that moment on…he’d be wanting to watch it 🙂

We set off about 10.30 to Portsmouth ferry terminal. The traffic was pretty good considering it was a Friday and we managed to get to Watford Gap in record time to have a picnic. The little man had been awesome with a little sleep easing the pain of the journey.

After lunch we set off again & it was my turn to drive. Trust me to get the worst bit. Stop, start, stop start for the next 3 hours…although I’d take that over ‘Daddy Daddy, can you draw me a house?’ for the same length of time 🙂

We were thinking of heading down to Portsmouth seafront for tea, but with the traffic as it was we didn’t get there until 4.30pm so we headed straight to the ferry terminal. The holiday had officially started though when the first pint of cider was poured, although it was probably the most expensive pint of cider I’d ever had.

We were then called on to the ferry, but had to wait for about an hour until we boarded which the little man was less than happy with. To then get on & find that, even at 7pm the self service restaurant wasn’t serving hot food, it just turned into a bit of a stressful evening. But once he was finally asleep (maybe a little hungry after not eating a thing) it all calmed down a bit. A full nights sleep was all that was needed & in the end it was a very pleasant crossing.