Carly Bond

Scotland Road Trip – Day 9

Moving day comes round very quickly and this one was no different.  We were moving on to a small town called Tongue!   Between Scourie & Tongue lies the most North Westerly points of mainland Britain!

The thing I will take away with me from this area the most is the gorgeous beaches!   There is nearly one round every corner!  Even if the weather was a little pants to say the least, they’re still beautiful & unspoilt.


We decided to take a trip to Smoo Cave, a cave originally made by sea water but now changed by fresh water!  We were greeted by a funny man who sounded like Mrs Doubtfire, which me & my mum found hilarious!  We donned our hard hats and went aboard a little dinghy with another family of 5, very snug!  ‘Move along dears’


It was amazing, being underground in a huge cave with a waterfall of fresh water falling through a sunk hole! Fascinating stuff & well worth the £3 it cost for the tour 🙂


The bed & breakfast we arrived at was beautiful, not the views of the night before, but in a very relaxing & peaceful setting! Much needed!