Carly Bond

Scotland Road Trip – Day 16

Our last night ended up with a meal at The Dores Inn which was fantastic…with amazing food and lovely views of Loch Ness!  Where we *actually* saw Nessie!  Take a look for yourself 😀  Now I know that was strictly day 15 but I just had to blog about it 😀


Today was the last day of our road trip, which was very sad!  We woke up on the shores of Loch Ness, not a cloud in the sky & the temperature rising to the dizzy heights of 21.5…typical!

But all good things have to come to an end & it just made the scenery on the way home look even more spectacular, especially this little spot for a cuppa at Glencoe!


It took us a total of about 11 hours to get home with stops & a car pick up on the way, which was a little tiring but I didn’t envy my parents who did all the driving.  Now back to earth with a bump & back to work tomorrow!

I hope you liked my holiday blog & thank you for reading…sorry but I’ll be back to boring blogs about Excel & Outlook real soon & maybe one or two about Leeds Rhinos too.