Carly Bond

Scotland Road Trip – Day 13

Today’s the day that we started our descent of the British Isles, although we still have 3 nights left. We were heading towards the town of Dornoch, taking in the east coast. First stop was Wick…well what can I say about Wick? Erm, nothing much really, so sad to see a fishing town with no life, all the shops closing & everyone seemingly feeling the same! I don’t think I’ll be going back there in a hurry!

Then we moved on to Whaligoe Steps, which is approx 330 steps going down to an old fishing harbour that was last used in the 70’s. It was really interesting to imagine what went on back then, but I’m really glad I don’t have to climb them steps again! I was still feeling sick from the exertion an hour afterwards.


We slowly made our way down the coast road, stopping at Lybster Harbour, Helmsdale Harbour, Brora Beach & Dunrobin Castle. The best of which was Brora Beach, another chance for a paddle, hee hee!


As we were nearing Dornoch we decided to go onto the smaller coast road along the estuary just to make the journey a little longer and we were greeted with a group of about 100 seal with pups! They were soooooo cute 😀 I was very excited 🙂


Once we got to Dornoch we sat down for a pint in the sun at The Eagle Hotel, it was lovely although we did have a mad Liverpudlian talking to us about how brilliant Scotland is, it was hilarious 😀 Happy Times!