Carly Bond

Scotland Road Trip – Day 11

Another sunny day and another moving day!  Time to move on to our last place before we start getting nearer to home instead of further away.

It was only 10am and I found myself climbing up a hill to Castle Varrich, which was not far from the bed & breakfast!  The legs and back are sore from yesterday so it took me a little longer than normal!  The views were worth it tho, even if the castle was a little pants!


Then it was onto Thurso, a straight run there as we wanted to do the far north east of Scotland today.  We wouldn’t have time tomorrow due to us spending the whole day on Orkney.  We visited Dunnet Head which is the northernmost point of Great Britain.   There wasn’t much there, but a group of people from Headingley…what a small world being a Leeds Rhinos fan.


Onwards we went to John O’Groats but on the way we visited Castle of Mey which was the holiday residence of the Queen Mother.  I’m not a looking around houses kind of a person so I didn’t know what to expect, but it was actually well worth the visit.  Due to the Queen Mother being there in my lifetime & the Royal Family still using it today as a holiday residence, it was really interesting.  Plus the different members of staff tell you about the rooms they were in instead of you having to read lots of information boards, made it much better in my opinion.  There was also a walled garden with loads of well established plants and flowers.


Then the ‘Must Do’ when you’re up this neck of the woods…John O’Groats!  Where, to be honest, there isn’t a lot but souvenier shops and a signpost that actually belongs to a photographer, it’s not there all the time.  The things you learn.


So tickets for Orkney Tour booked, signpost photo taken & tacky christmas decorations bought, it was time to head to the next bed & breakfast.  4 Star tonight, we’re living it up!!! 😀  Looking forward to a chinese for tea…yum yum!