Carly Bond

Scotland Road Trip – Day 10

Unfortunately for me the sun woke me up at about 3am this morning and I struggled to get back to sleep so tried to blog at about 7 o’clock but it would seem that Scotland is against bloggers…but the sun was shining so there was no real complaining from me, not after yesterday afternoons downpour, anyway!

We decided to do a 5 mile walk as it was such a nice day.  My only contribution to choosing where was that I wanted it to be near a beach so I could paddle afterwards!   I’m such a child! 🙂  So off we went to Faraid Head, back to the beach I’d paddled at the day before…in the rain!  It was a 5 mile walk (nearer 6 I’d say), that took us to the most North Westerly point that we would get to on this holiday, although we could sit & look at the actual most North Westerly point from the cliff’s edge.


After the dunes, we walked along the headland and we stopped for lunch in a sheltered spot where we sat and watched the sea birds.  Not as many as on Handa Island a few days before, but still close enough for puffins to be flying past us on their fishing trips.


Then back through the dunes again & a very long paddle!  It was fantastic…the sun was shining, the sea wasn’t really *that* cold…just a nice relaxing walk back to the car.


In the evening we went for a meal at one of the local hotels and on the way back to the bed & breakfast we had the best sunset I think I’ve ever seen 🙂


I’ll be sad to leave this area, but onwards and upwards as they say…on to Thurso where, hopefully, there will be a trip to Orkney on the cards.