Carly Bond

Sam Tomkins

I didn’t think I could let the incident involving Sam Tomkins on Saturday go by without a blog post.  My initial thoughts at half time when I saw the pictures on Twitter were those of no surprise.  I have always stood by my thoughts that he is one hell of a talent with a little too much arrogance.  A trait in a sportsperson that I personally dislike.

The aftermath to the whole debacle has left a sour taste in my mouth.  His initial denial of the act for one, to then only apologise after seemingly being pushed by Wigan to help the situation before it went to the RFL, however, this is something I am sure every club would do to protect their own so I can’t really complain about that.  And then for the RFL to only give him a suspended fine, I think is a little pathetic.  He brought our game into disrepute on the world stage, not just the Leeds fans…something that an actual fine surely should have been warranted.

I guess it would have been nice to have seen the man himself apologise to the Rugby League family on Twitter, something that is a very personal thing, but instead we get a, kind of, gloating comment making sure everyone knew he hadn’t actually got banned, but then I think that shows his arrogance a little bit.

However, my main concern is about the hatred that seems to be flying round Twitter between fans, some of it so upsetting that I have had to un-follow a few people.  Banter I can take, people’s opinions that I don’t necessarily agree with I can take, but genuine meanness and bullying is a no go.  I thought Rugby League was a place where we can all have open discussions regardless what team we support but the small minority of supporters have spoilt that for me over this and I just hope it blows over soon.

It’s such a shame that we are all talking about this and not what a good game of rugby it was and one that I am still so gutted about losing as we played out of our skin in the second half and we extremely unlucky to lose .  Congratulations to Wigan you deserved your win, just try & knock some of that arrogance out of Sam and he could be one of the greatest player this game has ever seen.