Carly Bond

Salford v Leeds Review

So that was it gone, our final trip to The Willows is over. It ended in a win which I suppose is a good thing, however, it wasn’t the best performance.

The team had been messed with again, with Danny McGuire being used at the replacement hooker. Now I know that things move about once the subs are on but why not play people in their chosen position, and play Paul McShane, it really makes no sense to me.

Throughout the game we seemed to lack concentration, with players playing with their backs to the game & kicks going straight down people’s throats, but defence wise, we were good. In the first half, Salford threw a lot at us, but we defended well, going in 18-0 up.

In the second half though was where the most lack of concentration came. Salford started to pull some tries back and I feared the worst. Thankfully, we seemed to just do enough, always that score in front.

Although not the best game in the world, there were some enormous positives to pull from it. First, being Ryan Bailey’s 1st try in 4 years which must have been a huge weight off his shoulders.

The second being Sir Kevin Sinfield becoming the highest points scorer in Super League. What a genuine legend of the game & an ambassador for not only for Leeds Rhinos, but for Rugby League in general.