Carly Bond

Port Zélande CenterParcs Part 2 – Day 5

Today was the first day we ventured off the CenterParcs site and we decided to go to the beach for a picnic because the weather was lovely.

We went to just outside Ouddorp the nearest town to where we are. The beaches were called West Nieuwland and Oude Nieuwland and were as beautiful as the rest of the beaches around this area. Both had cafés (that were closed for renovation but looked ace) and both had children’s play areas built on the sand. Thankfully my little man loved the beach today, building sandcastles & digging.


After the picnic we went into the town of Ouddorp to do a bit of shopping and to have a lovely hot chocolate. The windmill in the town was a working one so we saw the sails going round & round which the bubba just loved 🙂