Carly Bond

Port Zélande CenterParcs Part 2 – Day 1

After a long and boring day at work I was picked up and we decided that instead of eating on the ferry we’d stop at Ask on the way which was a much better way of doing it. Much better that carrying a load of food on board.

We found our way to the Sky Lounge again and sat in exactly the same seats as last year and this time our little man, being a year older, stayed up a bit longer.

He crashed about 8.30 which then resulted in us taking it in turns to walk around the bar to get him to sleep. It’s surprising what people do for entertainment in the bar (I was being nosey on the way round), poker, mobile phones with scrabble, iPads, board games, etc)

We finally made it to bed at about 12 and by that point we were pretty much ready for a sleep but not looking forward to the disembarkation bing bongs at 5.30.