Carly Bond

Pain in the back

It all started about 2 years ago on a trip to the Maldives. There I was in the middle of the Indian Ocean, snorkelling with my husband and a friend.

Now I’m not a very good swimmer at the best of times and because the tide was very strong I was finding it very hard to tread water.

Once back at the island of Hudhuranfushi & sitting in the bar, as you do, I realised my back was becoming increasing uncomfortable. The following day we went on a very bumpy speedboat ride to the capital of Male & on the night it was even worse.

Now I know this seems a little far fetched but because of these fun times my coccyx bone has been troubling me ever since, sometimes to the point where I just can’t get up off a hard chair without really wincing in pain!

Over the last few months my coccyx has not been to bad, but the base of my back & my hips have been aching like mad, like a toothache. So I went to the doctors who informed me it still could be all to do with those relaxing & fun times 2 years ago.

So I’m now going to physio in the hope that I can build up the muscles in my back! I have exercises to do 2-3 times a day which are in turn making my original coccyx problem worse…will it ever end? I hope so, as I’m sick of it now!

Lets see what happens…day 2 of physio is now!