Carly Bond

Old Trafford – One More Sleep

Tomorrow is the day we’ve been waiting for all week. If I’m honest I still can’t really believe we are going.

After the season we’ve had, this really shouldn’t be happening, but thems the rules and we’re definitely playing to them 🙂

I heard an amazing quote from a Hull FC fan this week, which made me giggle & also sums up some people’s mentality…”That’s the reason I don’t support Leeds, it becomes too expensive”. Brilliant, but I know what I would prefer. It’s like saying, I only support Hull FC because I know they’ll never win anything. Weird, huh, but everyone’s entitled to their own opinion I guess.

I’m so looking forward to tomorrow. Another first for my converted friend, Mike, who I’m sure wondered what had hit him after last week’s game finished 🙂 I just hope we can win this time…Wembley was good, but I’m hoping Old Trafford will be better.

We look strong & relaxed according to the information coming out of the club and I guess we have got nothing to lose.  Let’s go out & smash em boys…& continue the song going…’Our grand final b*tc*es’