Carly Bond

License Farce

So today was judgement day, where the next 3 years Super League licenses were handed out. Speaking to fans over the last few weeks, I think most people were expecting Wakefield Trinity Wildcats to lose theirs with nothing else really changing.

So when the decision came that Crusaders RL had retracted their application at the very last minute and Wakefield had got in, to say there was shock amongst the Rugby League community, was an understatement.

Add to that the alleged lack of communications to any of the Crusaders staff, including the players & their families, who also saw the news as it was shown on Sky & fed onto Twitter, it’s just an absolute disgrace & another example of the RFL making our game look like a mockery!

This should never have been allowed to happen! Players, like Keith Senior, on Twitter continue to voice their strong opinions & who can blame them. Our sports stars cannot rely on the money they receive from the game like others can…they just don’t get paid enough!

I just hope that this doesn’t kick on to worse things. Another dark day in the life of the greatest game 🙁