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Whitby Fun – Day 3

As the weather dictated we decided to have a day in Scarborough, so we headed towards North Bay. It was a bit windy but we still managed a little while on the beach which the little man LOVED!

We then went for a little walk around the shops in the high street before spending a little quality time in the amusements on the front of South Beach. There is nothing better that a chilled out day at the seaside, no matter what time of year it is.

Whitby Fun – Day 2

Today was a very wet & windy day. We decided to wander into Whitby centre to see what was on offer.

We wandered around the shops until the heavens opened when we ducked into a cosy little coffee shop called Marie Antoinettes and I have to highly recommend the cream teas…Mmmmmm.

We thought we just have a little look at the train station & to our surprise, there was a steam train just pulling into the station. One that my little man was very lucky to have a chance to step onto the footplate off.

We then just had a lazy afternoon in our holiday home. Watching the wind & the rain build up to what looked like a very uninviting outside ? Hopefully tomorrow will be better. But to be honest…what can beat a lazy Sunday afternoon snuggling watching Frozen and eating Sunday Lunch.

Whitby Fun – Day 1

So I’m hear again, lucky enough to be going away for another week with the family. This time to Whitby on the East Coast.

We had a lovely drive over from home with the sun shining over the beautiful North Yorkshire Moors with the temperature at 17 degrees which is just crazy for early November. Here’s hoping to that kind of weather all week.

We got to our apartment, which is lovely. A new development of town houses, just by the river side, about a 10 minutes walk to the centre of Whitby. We have a little park just outside the door, which will be great for the little man.

Just before tea we decided to walk into town. It was still warm but started to rain, which was a shame. Whitby still looks lovely in the dark though with all the lights twinkling & reflecting in the water.


Des vacances en famille en Bretagne – Day 15

Today is our last day in Brittany so we wanted to spend a bit of time on the beach with the little man as it’s going to be a long day travelling tomorrow. We headed to Sillon de Talbert which is 3km spit created between 2 estuaries. My parents were going walking along the spit themselves but we decided to stay on the sand & play. The weather wasn’t that great, a little windy, but we still had lots of fun.

At nap time we went for a little drive from there to Tréguier via a few different places. One of them being a lighthouse at Bodic, which was in a very strange place, seemingly a long way from the rivers edge.

Once we got to Tréguier, we went for a wander round and bought a few more souvenirs.

We went inside the Saint-Tugdual Cathedral which had the most amazing stained glass windows. It was a very quiet but quaint town! Very enjoyable for a little afternoon stroll!

For our last meal we went to the ‘Creperie de la Presqu’ile’ which is just across the road from our gite & it was amazing. Authentic and delicious with the owner cooking the crepes right in front of you! Great experience ?

Des vacances en famille en Bretagne – Day 14

We woke up this morning to heavy rain ? Sad times! So we had a lazy morning before deciding to head to a town called Lannion. Again it was market day, we must be following them around, but it was a pretty little town with a much bigger market. Vegetables, Fruit, Clothes, Food to eat, you name it…they had it…even live chickens!!

For lunch we headed to a little place behind the market halls called ‘Cafe des Halles’, which if you get a chance to go to, do! It was beautiful! The best meat out we’ve had. Lovely relaxed, busy atmosphere & very accommodating to my little family (P.S. With a chocolate fondant to die for!!!)

After that we went for a drive along the coast and headed for a place called ‘Le Gouffre’ which is just outside Plougrescant. Here, there is a little house built in between two massive pieces of rocks which was pretty beautiful…right on the edge of the coast.

Des vacances en famille en Bretagne – Day 12

This morning we were all up randomly early so headed into Paimpol to have a look round the market before heading to Pointe de L’Arcouest to catch a boat to the Ile de Bréhat for the day, which is a small island just of the coast. We decided to take a boat that did a 45 min tour of the island first then went into the main port of Le Port-Clos. It was a very hot day but on the boat it was a bit breezy.We headed straight for something to eat slightly off the beaten track at a beach called Le Guerzido, which was consisted of a little snack bar overlooking the most amazing view. Nothing fancy, just paninis & salads but with that plus a very cold glass of white wine, we needed nothing more.From there we walked to the join of the 2 islands, which was quite a long dusty walk, but beautiful nonetheless. There are so many routes on this island that if you had your boots on, you’d be laughing. But with a 2 years old & a pram there was only so far we could go.After a few hours on the island, we headed back to the mainland, and hoping to eat in Paimpol, decided a DIG was needed for the little man, so headed to a little beach called Launay just outside Loguivy, which was lovely if not a little stony for paddling.For tea we headed into Paimpol, but as they eat a little later than us we went to our favourite bar for a drink & to feed Stanley. A lovely little bar called ‘L’Epoque’ which is just on the harbour front that we have accidentally been in 3 times already! ? We then wandered around for a bit until we found a restaurant called ‘Le Terre-Neuvas’, again on the harbour front. Stanley fell asleep in the pram so we had a very relaxing, delicious meal, in the most beautiful surroundings.

Des vacances en famille en Bretagne – Day 11

We went to find a much better, more picturesque beach today, not too far from where we are staying, at town called Perros-Guirec. There are 2 fabulous beaches here, the first one (the one we actually stayed at for most of the day but the smaller of the two) is called Trestrignel. It was very much like the beaches that we had been frequenting in Southern Brittany, in that it was very flat. The sea went out a long way but it was such a gradual descent that it was so safe for Stanley. For the most part we had the place to ourselves so we could just let him run around as much as he wanted. 

      The sea was much colder here than at the beach last week, but it didn’t stop me going for a dip. I love swimming in the sea, but I didn’t stay out there long as it was so cold it was making my body ache.

After lunch and a nap for most people (apart from me I might add), we went for a drive round to the next beach called Trestraou. This is much bigger, more popular and more touristy of the two and there were many more places to eat and drink. We stopped off for a coffee…which turned in to a crepe stop for some & Margarita stop for others…yep the latter was me (well I am on my holidays after all & 4pm *is* Margarita time isn’t it?) 🙂 

P.S. Apologies for the mainly beach photos today. 

Des vacances en famille en Bretagne – Day 10

After the long time we spent in the car yesterday we decided to just have a fairly relaxed day today. So we headed for a beach nearby called Kermagen. The man who owns the gite apparently goes to swim here every day, and although not the most picturesque of beaches, was still a nice place to pitch up the picnic blanket and chairs & let the little man have a DIG!

This beach is more on an estuary that on the sea itself so the tide goes out a long way with the boats that are moored up all being beached for quite some time, however, the tide does start to come in fairly quickly. My dad went for a long walk onto a peninsula which soon became an island later on in the morning.

After lunch we set off to a place called Paimpol, which was another harbour town & would love to go back on a different day when more shops are open. But we had a lovely beer on the front while the little man had a very timely nap then walked around the town buying a few souvenirs. There was also a display of pigs on the front (like the Larkin Toads in Hull of anyone saw them)

It was then back to the gite fairly earlish to get the little man into bed for some well needed sleep…with the adults having a BBQ in the sun, even if it is a little bit cooler than previous nights.

Des vacances en famille en Bretagne – Day 9

Today we were travelling from Southern to Northern Brittany for the second part of our 2 week holiday, so unfortunately there is not much to write about today. We decided to take the non-motorway route to make it a bit more scenic so we drove through a number of little towns & villages.

We stopped for lunch at a place called Corlay, just a place we came across but had some lovely fishing lakes next to a chateaux which made for a very picturesque stop off. 

 We made it to Kerbors, our next destination about 4pm and the lady who lives on site showed us around…it is amazing & smells beautiful with fresh cut flowers in nearly every room. The upstairs is just full of toys for the little man, including a retro fisher price kitchen and loads of dolls & prams which he headed straight for as I’m sure he’s been missing the ones he plays with at nursery.  


The garden is huge with swings, a sand pit, flowers, vegetables and even chickens. The fridge was full with eggs, jams, compotes, artichokes and potatoes, all home-grown or homemade. We have been made to feel very welcome.

Des vacances en famille en Bretagne – Day 8

Today we decided to not travel too far with the little man as we’ve to travel 2.5 hours tomorrow to our new home for the next week so we split up from my parents for a change. 

We started by visiting a place called Parc de Keraveon which was a chateaux & it’s grounds, however, when we got there we realised the chateaux was in fact a private hotel and all there was was a few walks around in the woods. There was a children’s play area so it was great for the little man to run around but not somewhere where we’d rush back to. 

      After the chateaux we went into our local town, Erdeven, for lunch where the hubby had oysters!! They looked gross but he enjoyed them! 

 An afternoon of DIG was to follow but before then we went a short drive to a place called Crucuno where there was some stone dolmens. 

We love to DIG…more to the point I love to be able to read my book for a little bit which I never really get the chance to do anymore! Add that to a lovely swim in the sea, it was a delightful afternoon. 

 As we are are off early in the morning we decided to go out for tea, so as a Father’s Day treat we took my parents out to a local restaurant (the same one we went to for lunch), it was so nice. Such a lovely end to a lovely week! Roll on the next 7 days in Northern Brittany ?