Carly Bond

August, 2015:

Stockeld Park

I have heard so many good things about Stockeld Park over the last few months that we thought we’d give it a try. We were half thinking about cancelling after an extremely wet day yesterday but as the sun was shining we risked it.

It was a good choice as there was hardly any sign of the bad weather when we got there. We headed straight for the Woodland Cafe for some lunch which was a nice but part of me wishes we’d taken a picnic as there was trolleys you could hire to wheel your freezer box around the grounds and the prices were a little on the high side.

After lunch we headed for the playground next to the inflatable zone which was great for a 2 year old. Really chunky wooden climbing frames and slides. Alongside that was a bouncing pillow which Stanley thought was hilarious if not a little scary for his mummy ?

Once we’d prised Stanley off the climbing frame tractors, we headed for Enchanted Forest. This is about a mile walk around the forest with loads of interactive houses, trees and play areas. Some of which were a little too old for a 2 year old so we had to bypass them but there was still plenty to do. Stanley very much enjoyed the Noah’s Arc play area which was surrounded by sand (his favourite thing).

After that we ventured into the maze which was much bigger than you first think, again with interactive things around the place. You had to find the globe in the middle of the maze and, to be honest, it was pretty difficult to find 🙂

There was also a great indoor inflatable play area with an inflatable pillow, a bouncy castle, a little play house & large Lego bricks which Stanley loves bombing around.

Overall, we really liked the park, although at £12 per adult, we all found it a little expensive for what it was, especially with only one 2 year old taking advantage of everything. We would have loved to have gone on the Scooter Trail too, but thought another £5 each was also a bit too much.

Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Today we decided to take the little man for a trip to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park near Doncaster. The weather was glorious and just perfect conditions for a day looking at the animals.

We have been before, about a year ago, but Stanley was just a little too small then and, to be honest, at 2 years old, he was still a little young for some of the things this year…still very interested in running and kicking stones instead of the larger animals.

Smaller animals, such as squirrel monkeys, mara and wallabies that he could get close up to, he loved it immensely. I was so happy when he lost his inhibitions and was shouting that he wanted to stroke a wallaby (he is petrified of dogs so this is a breakthrough)
We stopped for lunch at the Tsavo Lodge which was reasonably priced and tasty too and throughout the day we had drinks and ice creams which again were decently priced but there are plenty of seated sheltered areas if you want to take your own picnics.

After lunch we wandered around the giraffe and lion enclosures which were fantastic. Just beautiful creatures that you can get really close up to (if they want you to).
All in all, I cannot recommend this place enough! It is so big that it never feels busy…so much space, such beautiful animals and so much to do! Please give it a try.