Carly Bond

March, 2015:

Captain Fantastic


When I heard the news this afternoon I was totally shocked and genuinely upset. A press conference that actually let to big news…but I was never expecting this. After a day at work I have just listened to the press conference and the interviews with Gary Hetherington, Brian McDermott and the man himself, Sir Kevin Sinfield.

Over the last 25 years of supporting and watching my beloved club, I couldn’t name a more inspirational and passionate leader or player. He is the ultimate professional. Watching his interview had me in tears as you can quite clearly see the weight that he has been carrying on his shoulders over the past few weeks plus how much the club really means to him. It’s a great move for him and after thinking about it over the day I can totally see why he has done this.

I will be forever be thankful to Sir Kev for giving me some of my greatest sporting memories, the grand final speech in 2011 being the greatest.

The ‘Every Minute Counts’ slogan for the Super League, seems to really mean so much more now! We love you Sinny…Sir, you will always be a Rhino and will go down in the history books as a legend. Good luck in everything you do.

You can read and hear more about this on the Leeds Rhinos website.