Carly Bond

February, 2014:

Dutch (Long) Dash – Day 9

Today is our last day at Center Parcs πŸ™ So this morning was mainly made up of packing & sorting out. We were able to use the facilities all day so once we were all packed up we decided to go go one final swim.

We left the bubba with a friend and went racing down the rapids and the slides which were awesome πŸ™‚ We stopped off at the Market Dome for a bite to eat before we went for an explore on the way back to the ferry for our trip home.

On the way back we visited a little town called Oudorrp, which was a very nice place, with a few shops and a windmill, well worth a visit.



We also visited Brielle which was a much bigger town with a lot more shops and yet another windmill. We arrived about 5 minutes too late to go around it which was a shame. Then we made out way to the ferry for our journey back to England.




Dutch (Long) Dash – Day 8

Today is a lazy ‘stay on site’ day, we chilled out in the morning with a nice long breakfast with plenty of tea, followed by a dip in the pool. We have been so lucky getting an apartment, literally, 2 minute walk from the Aquamundo!

This afternoon consisted of a DVD and a trip to the Adventure Factory to let the little one have a bounce on the bouncy castles. Orry and friends made an appearance for story time in Dutch too.


On the evening we went to The Grill for tea which was lovely! I had chicken skewers which were delicious!! It sucks that we have to go home tomorrow.

Dutch (Long) Dash – Day 7

As the weather was glorious when we woke up, a drive round the area was what we decided to do today. First stop was a little place called Brouwershaven. An English sailor from one of the boats explained that it was once a really large port before Rotterdam became what it is, which is hard to believe considering how small it is in comparison.

It was a lovely place and really pretty with the sun shining on it. We went onto the sea front, passing a small animal sanctuary which had deer & emu and had a picnic on the beach. It was a little chilly but still beautiful.



From there we drove along a scenic route to Burgh-Haamstede and then on to Renesse again to look at the shops we missed a few days ago. There was nothing much to see but it’s a lovely little town with an excellent pancake house πŸ™‚


On our way back to Center Parcs we drove along the coast road to a place called Rijkswaterstaat, a place the sailor from Brouwershaven had told us about. This is where the seals come in to the shore and we sat and watched 4 or 5 seals happily playing in the sea.


Dutch (Long) Dash – Day 6

Today we decided to have a full day at Center Parcs after our day out yesterday so in the morning we went out for a walk to another beach on site which was lovely until it started to rain. So we headed into the Adventure Centre for a coffee which turned into lunch instead! Shame πŸ™‚


In the afternoon we headed back into the Aquamundo, but only for a short while as our baby wasn’t enjoying it as much as usual and was a bit cold so we ended up sampling some drinks in the Grand Cafe πŸ™‚

Well we are on holiday after all! πŸ™‚

And for tea? Well it would be rude not to go out for a meal πŸ™‚ So pasta it is!


Dutch (Long) Dash – Day 5

Today we were ‘up & at em’ to visit a place called Kinderdijk were we had heard there were 19 windmills all in one place. It took us just over an hour to get there but it was worth it.

There was indeed 19 windmills, more if you count the smaller ones πŸ™‚ Unfortunately the visitor centre was closed so all we could do was walk along the waters edge and look at them but it was still worth a visit.



On the way back, we decided to take the scenic route to a town Dordrecht to see what was there. We travelled down the river Lek which was lovely but when we got to the town, with it being Monday everything was closed. The town looked quite pretty with a river running through the middle of it, quite like Amsterdam in some ways.


We were late back to Center Parcs but there was still time for a quick dip in the Aqua Mundo.

Dutch (Long) Dash – Day 4

We went out separate ways this morning for a change with one family going swimming and we went for a walk to send the bubba to sleep. While he did we decided to try out the Adventure Golf which was awesome. It had moving parts & different height holes, but unfortunately I lost πŸ™


Whilst we were having a cuppa the best quote of the day from the 3 year old that is with us. His mum said, ‘Do you think Stanley can fit down the plug hole?’, to which he replied, ‘No, of course not, his head is too big’ πŸ™‚

In the afternoon we decided to take a trip to the town of Renesse, which we had been informed had a lovely beach and we were not disappointed. It was a little windy but with temperatures of 12 degrees in February, I don’t think we can complain.


We stopped for a drink and bite to eat in a beach hut bar called Strandpaviljoen de Scorpioen. We tried some nibbles called Bittebollen which we’re are still unsure what they are, but they were delicious and some Pofferjes which were little mini pancakes and were equally delicious.

Dutch (Long) Dash – Day 3

Today was out first full day at Center Parcs and we decided to use the main facilities being the aquamundo! But not after a very relaxing morning. Sitting reading a book, doing a quiz in a quiz book & having lots of tea πŸ™‚

Just before lunch we made our way to the swimming pool, which was fab. We put the bubba in a floating swimming ring and went exploring. There’s a little lazy river that we could take the bubba on and much larger water rapids which we really couldn’t! We ditch the bubba with friends and went to try it out. Lots of dips and slides and bubbles, much fun.

We decided to try lunch in the Grand Cafe in the Market Dome and I am now wishing I knew a few more words of Dutch just so as not to appear rude but we got by in the end after the waitress dropped a tray of drinks on us πŸ™‚

In the late afternoon we went to the beach, the long way round, but it was totally worth it, it was beautiful when we got there, with kite surfing, land buggies and alsorts! Such a vast amount of beach for these activities!
Also there was a lovely bar which we will be visiting again for sure, if not just for the free wifi to upload my blogs πŸ™‚


Dutch (Long) Dash – Day 2

After a *very* rushed breakfast and return to the car (we made it with about 30 seconds to spare), we set off to find our base for the week, Port ZelandΓ© Center Parcs.
We weren’t allowed on the site until 3pm so once we knew where we were we decided to go find a supermarket in the nearest ‘biggish’ town, Zierikzee.

It turned out to be a lovely quaint little town with a working windmill, castle gates and lovely little cobbled streets with nice shops to look around. We stopped for a coffee in one of the many little cafe bars in the main square and then made our way to the supermarket. On the way we saw some beautiful houses, typical of The Netherlands and a church which played a lovely tune when the time hit the hour.


After the supermarket shop we decided to go for a picnic somewhere picturesque so I spotted a panoramic view point on the map & off we went to Hook van Ouwerkerk. It was soooo windy and cold when we got there but like the good Brits that we are, we didn’t let that stop us. We fed our 6 month old out in the cold πŸ˜€ but it was fine, if not a little brisk.


We then decided to head back to Center Parcs where we could offload our luggage & shopping and finally get to explore a little bit. It’s a beautiful spot on the edge of a huge marina which we can see out of our bedroom window, can’t wait to explore some more.


Dutch (Long) Dash – Day 1

This is our first trip abroad with our little man so I am bit apprehensive about it, but excited as well! We decided to take the ferry instead of a plane as a starting point, maybe one day we’ll dare to take a flight somewhere πŸ™‚

The ferry crossing was a little uneventful to be honest, much better than I imagined. The only problem was the lift was out of order so taking the pram up 3 flights of stairs was an issue.

But we had a picnic on board & made a little area for ourselves in the Sky Lounge on the top deck where the piano man played quiet music so our little man could sleep without an issue, while the adults could relax, drink, eat & catch up.

Overnight our bubba slept really well considering the strange surroundings & the very noisy cabins, with only a couple of wakes ups and the need for daddy cuddles.