Carly Bond

March 13th, 2012:

Updating Safari On Windows

If like me, you like Apple products but can’t afford them, you’ll be using Safari & iTunes on a windows machine.  Now with iTunes, it always pops up when a new update is available, however, Safari doesn’t.

Having trawled through the menu options I couldn’t find anything to use & considered downloading it all over again to get it to update.

Look no further…all you need to do is find the Apple Software Update tool that will have been downloaded automatically to your machine.

Mine was just under All Programs, but the icon looks a little like this.


Once clicked, it will check for updates & give you the same options as if you were in iTunes. Happy updating!

Another Ryan Bailey Saga

So another day, another Ryan Bailey saga.  Up in front of the disciplinary courts again, we all knew what the result was going to be before it even was announced.

Now don’t get me wrong, showing any disrespect to a referee is bad news & totally out of line, god knows, I go mad about the exact same thing when I’m watching the football…but 3 matches???? I mean is the offence really worse than Chris Bridges’ elbow drop from the previous week, well not in my opinion it’s not.

To be honest, I can’t quite believe that I’m reading it to be honest, but hey, it’s Ryan Bailey so he’s always going to get the worst punishment.

I can understand why people dislike him, as I would if he played for another team, but I think if you looked at this in comparison to other offences, it doesn’t really seem fair.