Carly Bond

July, 2011:

Pain in the back

It all started about 2 years ago on a trip to the Maldives. There I was in the middle of the Indian Ocean, snorkelling with my husband and a friend.

Now I’m not a very good swimmer at the best of times and because the tide was very strong I was finding it very hard to tread water.

Once back at the island of Hudhuranfushi & sitting in the bar, as you do, I realised my back was becoming increasing uncomfortable. The following day we went on a very bumpy speedboat ride to the capital of Male & on the night it was even worse.

Now I know this seems a little far fetched but because of these fun times my coccyx bone has been troubling me ever since, sometimes to the point where I just can’t get up off a hard chair without really wincing in pain!

Over the last few months my coccyx has not been to bad, but the base of my back & my hips have been aching like mad, like a toothache. So I went to the doctors who informed me it still could be all to do with those relaxing & fun times 2 years ago.

So I’m now going to physio in the hope that I can build up the muscles in my back! I have exercises to do 2-3 times a day which are in turn making my original coccyx problem worse…will it ever end? I hope so, as I’m sick of it now!

Lets see what happens…day 2 of physio is now!

Leeds vs Hull FC – Part 1

Working in Hull means at least four office blagging rights up for grabs in any one season! But after the season we’ve been having and our form of late I was not holding out much hope for tonight’s game.

I was genuinely expecting us to lose, with yet another poor performance, however, I was gladly mistaken. We played with passion like we did against Wigan and although there was still some silly mistakes, we were much, much better.

I thought Danny Buderus, Ryan Bailey and Ben Jones-Bishop, in particular, had awesome games, running on to balls with speed and players backing up.

Now we move 2 places up the table to the dizzy heights of 6th, what’s all that about 🙂

Let’s hope we can now use this to kick on, and with a couple of games in the league that we should win, coming up, maybe just maybe we can get to 5th 🙂 Here’s hoping.

Oh and P.S. The blagging rights are mine (for a week at least ;))

Praise goes a long way

Tomorrow I will be attending a work awards do where I will be treated to a manicure, a 3 course meal, some live music & a nights stay in a really nice hotel.

People nominate each other throughout the year and the quarterly winners get to go to a do at the end of the year where someone will win yearly awards too.

I was lucky enough to go last year when my name got drawn out of a hat when we won a team award but this year I’m going after winning an individual one which is nice.

It was a total shock to win my quarterly award and I have no doubt that I won’t be winning a yearly one, but I’m very appreciative of the opportunity of going…just wishing that I could take all my workmates with me who, all too, deserve to be treated 🙂

Microsoft Excel – Forward Slash Issue


I’ve been using Microsoft Excel for about 15 years but yesterday I came across something I have never seen before.  I went to type the forward slash straight into a cell and it behaves just like the Alt key showing all the short key references on the ribbon.  I thought I was going a little mental & couldn’t believe that I’ve never come across this before.

But I found out that you could switch it off very easily and thought I would share:

  1. Click the Office Logo and go to Excel Options
  2. In the options window, click Advanced
  3. Scroll all the way down to the bottom to the Lotus compatibility section
  4. Remove the / from the Microsoft Office Excel menu key

Leeds Rhinos – End of an Era

I woke up this morning to the news that Keith Senior has ended his career with Leeds Rhinos, this is such a sad story.  I’ve been supporting Leeds since 1990 so apart from the first few years, Keith has been a huge part of the club while I’ve been around.  It feels so strange that he’s not going to be playing any more, very much like when Willie Poching and Francis Cummins left last year.

Now I know it’s in the club’s best interests to be looking to the future and investing in new blood that is coming through, but I still can’t help but feel a little sad about it.  I just assumed that he would end his career with us & go onto the coaching staff.  However, I am so glad the club have decided to give him one last run out at the Boxing Day Festive Challenge, to give the fans a chance to thank him for the services he has given to the club.

I think he’ll do amazingly well at whatever club he decides to go to, and wish him all the luck in the world…

And remember Keith, there’s always a place in the Headingley heart for you!

Scotland Road Trip – Day 16

Our last night ended up with a meal at The Dores Inn which was fantastic…with amazing food and lovely views of Loch Ness!  Where we *actually* saw Nessie!  Take a look for yourself 😀  Now I know that was strictly day 15 but I just had to blog about it 😀


Today was the last day of our road trip, which was very sad!  We woke up on the shores of Loch Ness, not a cloud in the sky & the temperature rising to the dizzy heights of 21.5…typical!

But all good things have to come to an end & it just made the scenery on the way home look even more spectacular, especially this little spot for a cuppa at Glencoe!


It took us a total of about 11 hours to get home with stops & a car pick up on the way, which was a little tiring but I didn’t envy my parents who did all the driving.  Now back to earth with a bump & back to work tomorrow!

I hope you liked my holiday blog & thank you for reading…sorry but I’ll be back to boring blogs about Excel & Outlook real soon & maybe one or two about Leeds Rhinos too.

Scotland Road Trip – Day 15

Today was the penultimate day of our road trip, so we are moving on to the shores of Loch Ness for our last night.

So we decided to pop into a few towns to so a spot of shopping, Dornoch, Tain & Strathpeffer. Not a lot of shops to be fair although The Jail in Dornoch is probably my favourite, wish we had shops like that at home. Full of amazing gifts & a lovely old building.

From there we made our way to the Falls of Rogie, another waterfall know for salmon leaping, but we didn’t see any today. Slightly disappointing although the 1 mile walk around the river & woods was still nice.


Finally a quick shop in Inverness & yes, you’ve guessed it, a Starbucks! My first English Breakfast Tea in about 3 weeks…it was lush!!! It was so strange being back in a city…there was people everywhere it was very, very strange.


Well tomorrow, will be my last Scotland Road Trip post…a very sad day, although I’m sure you’re all bored of me by now…so until then! TTFN!

Scotland Road Trip – Day 14

Glenmorangie Distillery was the first port of call today.  I hate whiskey, but, when in Scotland & all that 😀 I was very interested to see just how it was made.   For just £2.50 we got a short tour around the factory, getting to smell the carbon dioxide that gets released from the barley…totally & utterly disgusting but sinus cleansing at the same time.  In with the price was a dram of whiskey to taste & a £2.50 voucher off a bottle which we were bound to buy 🙂


We then went to a place called the Falls of Shin, which is a waterfall on a river which is well know for salmon leaping.   We did actually see some trying to jump up the falls, quite incredible to see, as you can see from the picture my husband took 🙂


After that we just had a drive round some of the smaller roads, as we needed to get back to watch Leeds Rhinos vs Wigan Warriors over the Internet…you know…getting our priorities right & all that.  Just hope they appreciate it & make it worth our while!  Come on Rhinos.