Carly Bond

May, 2011:

Final Push


Just a little post to ask you one final time to dig deep to sponsor my husband who is attempting to climb the 3 British Peaks in 24 hours next Saturday with some work colleagues from the Hull Daily Mail, including the Editor.

They are raising money for Dove House Hospice and have raised nearly £2,500 so far.

If you could spare a few pounds, then please do, you can sponsor him at their Virgin Giving Page

Getting There

I have spent most of today & yesterday with my friend, learning some more things about my website.  I’ve not really got much to show for it, but the little things have made me much happier & eager to learn more.  If you’ve been checking out my site on a regular basis (OK, so I know you haven’t, I think I am my only regular visitor 🙂 ), you will notice that I have made the following changes:

  • A few more pages, which point you to the categories I write about,
  • A new Tag Cloud, brilliantly explained in my new Bloggers Handbook, a present from Mike Hudson,
  • The background colour, ready for my change in image (hoping my husband designs it soon)
  • New Links
  • New Archives
  • New Favicon (I don’t really know what this means but it’s cute 🙂 )

I’m now getting the bug for amending, so keep watching this space.

A Day at The Races

Spending a day at the races is always fun but I never really win, mostly because I’m rubbish at reading form but also because I daren’t put a lot of money on so I never win a lot back!

Yesterday I went to Beverley Races with my husbands work and spent most of the day watching my money get thrown away. My husband definitely has more guts than me as his choice was getting £5 to win bets & mines was getting £2 each way 🙂

We pretty much won nothing apart from a bet I put on for a friend, it was very depressing! Until, that is, the very last race. We studied the form, etc, placed the bets & waited…then we checked again. Verinco, who we’d backed a whole £10 to win, was wearing Leeds Rhinos silks. It was a sign, right, must be!

Surely, after the night before when they pretty much ruined the start of my bank holiday weekend, they’ve got to rectify this with a win? Well, they came good, he romped home & we ended up the day £25 quid up…Result 😀

Rhinos v Wolves

I haven’t blogged for a while as I have been really busy but I had to get back into it after what I witnessed last night at Headingley Carnegie.  I had no negative feelings before the game, I felt quite confident that we were going to win, I have no idea why, I just did.  I know we had a few injuries again, but there was something about it.  Maybe the atmosphere which at the start was brilliant, the South Stand was packed, an awesome place to be when everything is hopeful.

The team was then announced and I started to feel worried…a loose forward at stand off, a stand off at scrum half, a scrum half on the bench?  Initially I thought, well this is either gonna be an amazing move, or one that could seal our fate.

Then the game started and we just seemed to have no control over the ball, not completing sets, we just looked out of sorts.  When we were defending the tackling & discipline was atrocious.  At the time the referee seemed extremely biased towards Warrington (a feeling that I know know to be ‘in the heat of the moment’) but we were just playing right into his hands, laying on, being offside, back chatting.  We’ve seen James Child before, we know what he’s like.


Ready for development

So after approximately 2 nights & 1 whole day I am now ready to start developing my website.  With the help of a friend (I didn’t do anything by the way, other than make coffee & bacon sandwiches), I have now got a local host & the ability to mess around with HTML to my heart’s content without breaking my website, through Dreamweaver CS5.

Currently the only change I have made is a dashed line to a solid, but hey, I’m learning here 🙂

Hopefully there will be more to come, but bear with me 🙂 xx

Unlucky For Some?

I didn’t really know what to think when I went to Headingley on Friday 13th, I suppose I was expecting to win, which was a bit naive but after we’ve been playing so well, I guess it feels like old times.  I was to be surprised by just how good we were.

In the first half, our defence was brilliant; I think I counted 5 sets of 6 where we manage to stop them from scoring.  It was brilliant, some awesome defence and we went in at half time 6-0 to the good.  We were thinking that they surely should tire at some point.

In the second half it was still very close, both teams’ defences proving very tight.  It wasn’t really until the 70th minute before the amount of work done in the 1st started to take its toll.  Kevin Sinfield then took charge & we scored 3 tries to give us a 30-6 win, which flattered us slightly & didn’t really tell the tale of how good Catalan actually were.  It looked like we came away with no real injuries, which this year is something to grateful of.

Being a Rhinos fan feels very good at the moment…let’s hope our challenge cup run continues at the weekend, a game that I unfortunately can’t go to.  Warrington at home is next up for me, a game, which, after the hammering they gave Castleford this weekend should be very tasty indeed 🙂

Charity Madness?

As we speak my husband is getting ready for his Jane Tomlinson 10K in Hull which he is running for the Dove House Hospice, which is the Hull Daily Mail charity of the year.  There is a team from his work doing it so I’m sure there’ll be some competition amongst them to get the quickest time.  He has been training on & off for about 2 months, with a few injuries along the way, but I know that he’ll be fine.

  • EDITED 10.15am 15.05.2011 – 10K run was completed in 56 minutes

He is, however, also attempting to walk the British 3 Peaks (Ben Nevis, Scarfell Pike & Snowden) in 24 hours in 3 weeks time which he would love your support for.  Again they are doing it for the Dove House Hospice, which is a *very* worthy cause.  I think he’s mad but admire everything he’s attempting to do.

Please, please, please dig deep & sponser him on their Virgin Money Giving page!!

Proud Wife

I want to dedicate today’s blog to my husband, who has just been awarded the Regional Press Awards Designer of the Year award for the 2nd year running.  *I* know he’s fab at his job, but its great to see that people in his profession think the same thing too.

I get mad some days because he doesn’t come home until late at night, but admire his passion for his work which I only wish I had at times. His latest work includes The Blitz coverage in the Hull Daily Mail last week, which was awesome, please have a look 🙂

Congratulations honey, being a ‘Corporate Bond’ has it’s benefits 😀 xx

UPDATED: You can now read The Blitz pages he designed online at the following website

Continued Development

I am finding it quite difficult to get to grips with everything to do with running your own website, content, analytics, stats, code, etc, although I am thoroughly enjoying it.  It’s proving to be a challenge having the time to change all the little things that I don’t like on my current set up, as I am a little finicky, but I’ll get there I’m sure.

My husband is a graphics designer so I am hoping to have a new banner on the top of my website very soon, consisting of the same picture, but something a little more bespoke.  I’ve left this to him as he’s much better at that kind of thing.  We could make a good web development team if we put our minds to it & I put the effort in to become a proper geek & get to grips with this coding 🙂

Anyway, I hope you all like the site & I will continue to find some more things to blog about which are a little bit more interesting than me waffling!

Music Mayhem

A few weeks ago when I first saw my friend’s music collection, it made the hairs on my neck stand on end…how on earth could it be in a state like it is…folders everywhere, duplicates everywhere, my OCD for computer / folder tidiness went into overdrive. So I kindly (or stupidly) offered to help.

Over the next few days I worked my way from A to D in the alphabet & removed at least 2GB of music & files that were not needed. Unfortunately he then needed to take his Mac away from me & the work ended (I was a little sad that he took away that beautiful thing away but hey ho back to my Green Dell laptop, which is equally beautiful). But a little voice was always telling me there was a music folder there, unfinished, still mostly untidy.

I harassed him until he gave me his music on a external harddrive & here I am working my way through the rest. Yesterday was J to N and another 2GB gone, tonight is O onwards. He’s in London over the next few days…he says there’s no deadline, but I’m not so sure 😉

Wish me luck…Ssshhhh…..don’t tell him…I enjoy it, it’s strangely theraputic 🙂