Carly Bond

North-fun-berland Holiday – Day 6

As we are going home tomorrow we decided to stay fairly local today. So after a fairly lazy get up we went for a wander round Seahouses again. Went in all the shops as a lot more of them were open today. We went for a walk to the end of the harbour again and the sea was slightly more choppy that last Sunday. The waves were crashing over the harbour wall, luckily the other side to where we were stood.
In the afternoon we went for a little walk into Beadnell beach. Had a little paddle & built some sandcastles with the little man! It was beautiful, if not a little windy. It was pretty warm for this time of year.

North-fun-berland Holiday – Day 5

Today was the first day of bad weather so we decided to go into Alnwick to look around the town centre.

We had heard about an amazing secondhand bookshop which is situated in the old railway station. They were right, the bookshop called ‘Barter Books’ is, in fact, awesome! There’s thousands of secondhand books, all in different sections from the smallest, cheapest book to some amazing first editions. There’s a wonderful children’s corner & there’s a model train running at the top of all the bookshelves. Just an awesome place to sit & chill out next to an open fire or in the old waiting rooms where there’s a ‘buffet car’.
After a wander round the shops we went back to ‘The Treehouse Restaurant’ at Alnwick Castle and Gardens for lunch, which I have to say was amazing. Such a lovely place to eat in a very weird but wonderful setting. The staff couldn’t have been more welcoming and even with my little man it was such a relaxing time.
After Alnwick we went for a coastal drive home, back to Beadnell, but with the weather so rubbish we waited until we were back at the ranch before we went for a stroll on the beach!

North-fun-berland Holiday – Day 4

We had a lazy morning today not setting off until about half 10, which is very unlike us and we headed to Berwick Upon Tweed.

The town was a little disappointing but with a few shops to wander around it wasn’t to bad. We then found the city walls which had lovely views of the coastline. It was a bit breezy but was a lovely walk.

We moved off then to Spittal for some lunch which was next to a beautiful stretch of beach! My little man loved going for a walk in his wellies & puddlesuit.

North-fun-berland Holiday – Day 3

Today we went to the beautiful Alnwick Castle and Gardens. We set of at 9.15, didn’t get home until 5pm and still didn’t see everything. It was lovely.

The morning was spent wandering around the gardens which, if you were there at the right time of year, would be absolutely brimming with colour. There was a lovely cherry tree orchard, a poison garden, a serpent garden, a bamboo maze and a rose garden. Right in the middle is a huge cascade waterfall/fountain that goes every half an hour.

After lunch we went into Alnwick Castle which is featured in the Harry Potter films. You can learn how to fly a broomstick with the professors where Harry Potter and his friends learnt in the first film.

The grounds and views are amazing and we were so lucky to go on a day where the sun was shining. We made soap, played quoits and went in the stocks in the courtyard, there’s loads of things to keep everyone entertained.
Lastly, The Treehouse Restaurant was my favourite. If only it was open for us to eat in it, it looked like my kind of place. All beautiful and romantic inside with intertwined twigs and twinkly lights. On the outside of it was wobbly rope bridges and turrets. I really hope we can go back.

North-fun-berland Holiday – Day 2

Today’s day out was a little trip to Holy Island which is only accessible at certain times of day as the causeway gets swallowed up by the tide. As we drove over the causeway we saw loads of seabirds, Oystercatchers, Snipes, and Curlews to name but a few.

On Holy Island is Lindesfarne Castle which was unfortunately closed, but with the weather so nice it was lovely just to be able to walk round and look at the view.

After lunch we had a wander round the Lindesfarne Priory and the Lindesfarne Mead shop, obviously, sampling a little!

North-fun-berland Holiday – Day 1

Today we went to Seahouses for the day, which we have now named ‘Sea Biscuits’. Don’t ask me why! :)

It’s been an absolutely glorious day! Not a cloud in the sky for most of the day!

As it was such a lovely day, we went on a boat trip to the Farne Islands to see the seals, which was just fab! The sea was calm & there was hundreds of seals just basking in the sunshine!


After our trip we took to the usual activity for our holidays…crazy golf at ‘The Bunker’. I have to say, this was a quality crazy golf :) I actually came second this time which, for me, is pretty awesome!


Yorkshire Grand Depart – Tour de France

The Tour De France was coming to Yorkshire and as this is right on our doorstep we thought it would be rude not to go & join in the fun. My grandma lives in Pool-in-Wharfedale and has for most of her life so we decided to set up camp in her front room to make sure we could be ready for the race early doors.

Yellow bike. Pool-in-Wharfedale

Yorkshire Grand Depart – Tour de France. Pool-in-Wharfedale.

So myself, husband, little boy, mum, dad & grandma set off at 8.30am to support the local Methodist chapel, which my grandma still attends, by going for breakfast. Well, why cook a bacon sandwich for yourself, if someone else is willing to do it for you. However, they had sold out :o 100 bacon baps sold before 8.30, that’s good going. So we had sausage ones instead & even then we bought the last ones.

After wandering up & down the village, we staked our claim on a small area outside the chapel & waiting patiently for the publicity caravan which was travelling the route 1.5 hours before the riders themselves. We got my grandma a chair, so she could stand up & sit down whenever she felt like it, as at nearly 90, she gets a little tired now & again.

At approx 10.07am the caravan passed through, supposedly over 200 floats, however, they passed so quickly it didn’t seem like there was that many. But along with the number of police, gendarmerie, press cars, etc, it did take about 20 mins to pass through. The number of different sponsors threw freebies out to the crowds, things like wrist bands, Yorkshire Tea, t-shirts, etc. My favourite bit was getting high 5’s from the police on motorbikes as they drove past. :) I won, with a total of 3.

Tour de France - The Publicity Caravan 1

Yorkshire Grand Depart – Tour de France. Pool-in-Wharfedale. The Publicity Caravan

Tour de France - Publicity Caravan 2

Yorkshire Grand Depart – Tour de France. Pool-in-Wharfedale. The Publicity Caravan

We then had to wait just over an hour for the main event. Although over in about 3 minutes, there was nothing that could prepare me for the noise & the throng of the peloton. Firstly 3 racers, who had managed to pull clear of the pack, past about a minute & a half before the rest of the competitors. Then another 195 cyclists & their support cars passed through, amongst cheers, whoops & of course, cow bells (courtesy of my mum), it was a wonderful atmosphere.

Tour de France - Leaders

Yorkshire Grand Depart – Tour de France. Pool-in-Wharfedale. The leaders

Tour de France - Peloton

Yorkshire Grand Depart – Tour de France. Pool-in-Wharfedale. The Peloton

The amount of people who had turned out in Pool-in-Wharfedale was phenomenal. A carnival atmosphere was created, throughout the village, with all sorts of fun & games going on at the village hall/cricket club all day long. If it causes the same amazing throng in every village it touches over the next few days, then all I can say is, whatever you do, DON’T MISS IT!!

Having a Wales of a time – Day 7

The weather was due to be lovely today so we decided to out the bubba in his rucksack and take him on a little walk to Conwy Falls. We had to pay £1 to get thought a turnstile, but then once through we had a choice of 3 walks. The walk was lovely and relaxed and the falls were ok, if not a little disappointing.




Once back to the car park, we had a picnic in a lovely designated area of benches made out of old trees. The bubba could cruise along the benches to his hearts content, he loves the outdoors.


From there we went onto Betws Y Coed, which is a village much like one you’d find in the Lake District. Grey
Slate buildings, outdoor pursuits shops and a lovely river flowing through it.

They have created an ‘All abilities’ walkway down by the river which was great for us & the pram & just far enough. We watched the dippers & other small birds flying in & out of the flowing waterfalls.

Before we headed home, we drove up to the Swallow Falls, which are about 2 miles out of Betws Y Coed. This one was £1.50. These were a little better than Conwy Falls, however, the walk was a lot shorter.


We’ve had a lovely time in North Wales, and I’m so sad it’s coming to an end. I can highly recommend this area to anyone, there is lots to do for any age.

Having a Wales of a time – Day 6

The boys were off to play golf today so the girls decided we’d take the boy to the beach & the paddling pool as the weather had said it was going to be sunny and warm!

So we went to Rhyl, opened the car doors and shut them again! Brrrrrr is was freezing & a change of plan was needed! So instead we walked around the shops a couple of times (and they aren’t that great), had a cup of coffee and decided, enough was enough so headed to Prestatyn.

We found a lovely beach…if only it was beach weather :( Then we found a really nice retail park with some better shops where we could have a wander.

By the time the boys had finished playing golf the sun had come out so we headed to the beach to let the little man burn off some energy. The beach was beautiful, if not a little windy, but at least it was warm unlike earlier.




There is, however, a nice crazy golf on the front which we decided to play while the boy was having a little nap! We love crazy golf :)


We finished the day off with a meal at ‘The Talardy Hotel‘ in St Asaph which was lovely and the hotel itself has been renovated beautifully.

Having a Wales of a time – Day 5

After the long day we had yesterday, today started off with a fried breakfast and a slow get ready. A lie in would have been nice, but the little man decided 6.15am was a much better idea.

Once we’d all woken up a bit, we decided to make our way to Conwy to visit the castle. On the way we spotted a nice coffee shop in a little place called Llanrwst. The tearooms are situated in a building that was built in 1480 which is now owned by The National Trust. It was called ‘Tu Hwnt I’r Bont‘ which means ‘Beyond the Bridge’ and I can highly recommend the cream teas :)



We then moved on to Conwy, which is a lovely walled town. The castle itself sits on the estuary next to 3 bridges, one for road, one for pedestrians and one for rail. The castle was excellent with about 6 towers that you could walk up to get wonderful views of the town & coastline.





Conwy also houses ‘The Smallest House in Great Britain‘, which you can go inside for just £1. A lady in traditional welsh dress stands outside most days for photo opportunities. It’s situated on the quay where there are good views of the castle and the ability to go crabbing if you so wish :)