Carly Bond

Tour de Yorkshire

After the great day we had last year at the Yorkshire Grand Depart when we heard that the Tour de Yorkshire was coming to a town near us we had to go see it again. This time we chose Beverley, specifically the Beverley Westwood. We really wanted to go see a hill stage, but as those nearby were in tiny villages, we thought they would just be too busy plus there would be less to do to keep a 21 month old entertained.

So we headed to Beverley Westwood at about 10.30 with the race due to pass by at about 12.45. We were quite surprised how quiet it was but I suppose with the Westwood being a big space the crowds were quite dispersed. We decided to head into the town centre first to soak up a bit of the atmosphere and get some picnic items. Well you can’t go onto the Westwood without a picnic…can you?

The town was trimmed up in blue & yellow, with the market in full swing. The Humberside Police Brass Band were playing in Saturday Market, which my little man thought we awesome.

When it got to about 11.30 we headed back up onto the Westwood to get in prime position to watch the race pass by. There wasn’t the caravan passing in front of race this time, just LOTS of police motorbikes, which kept the kids entertained as they waved, flashed their blue lights and played their sirens.The break away passed at about 12.45 containing about 8 riders, with the peloton following 6 minutes behind. The atmosphere was great with hundreds of people lining the Westwood and thousands more in the town centre. Cheering, waving and, of course, the trusty cow bell…Le Tour would not be the same without it :)Once the race had passed, we had a picnic all snuggled behind a gorse bush, it wasn’t the sunny, warm weather we’d hoped for. Then on the way home we drove through the village of Walkington which had made an immense effort with the bunting and scarecrow competition, with Bradley Wiggins making an appearance.

Honestly, if you get a chance to go, do! It’s community spirit at it’s best!!!!

Captain Fantastic


When I heard the news this afternoon I was totally shocked and genuinely upset. A press conference that actually let to big news…but I was never expecting this. After a day at work I have just listened to the press conference and the interviews with Gary Hetherington, Brian McDermott and the man himself, Sir Kevin Sinfield.

Over the last 25 years of supporting and watching my beloved club, I couldn’t name a more inspirational and passionate leader or player. He is the ultimate professional. Watching his interview had me in tears as you can quite clearly see the weight that he has been carrying on his shoulders over the past few weeks plus how much the club really means to him. It’s a great move for him and after thinking about it over the day I can totally see why he has done this.

I will be forever be thankful to Sir Kev for giving me some of my greatest sporting memories, the grand final speech in 2011 being the greatest.

The ‘Every Minute Counts’ slogan for the Super League, seems to really mean so much more now! We love you Sinny…Sir, you will always be a Rhino and will go down in the history books as a legend. Good luck in everything you do.

You can read and hear more about this on the Leeds Rhinos website.

Port Zélande CenterParcs Part 2 – Day 9

Today was our last day and typically one of the only days we wanted to get out and go visiting different places, the weather was horrendous. Just as we were trying to keep the kids entertained and pack the cars, the rain was just bouncing down.

So instead of setting off towards the ferry early and visiting places on the way, we opted to stay around the Center Parcs complex and go for a last swim in the Aqua Mundo, play crazy golf and have lunch in the Adventure Factory, which was actually very nice and relaxing before the journey home.

At about 4pm we decided to head to the ferry and have tea onboard in the restaurant, leaving a little time to spare to let the kids run around the dance floor for a little while before the entertainment came on.

Port Zélande CenterParcs Part 2 – Day 8

Today we had a trip out to Middleburg which is a town about 3 quarters of a hour away from the CenterParcs complex. We knew it was market day so we thought we’d have a look. It was lovely, such a variety of foods & clothes!


On our way back we went via 2 towns called Westkapelle and Domburg which were right on the coast. It was very windy and very cold but the views were lovely. You could see some very large container ships passing by. Apparently it was were the British landed in 1944 as part of the 2nd world war.


We came back to CenterParcs for a swim and then went to the Adventure Factory for the Straordinario circus show.


Port Zélande CenterParcs Part 2 – Day 7

Today we decided to stay local to the CenterParcs complex. We went for an early morning swim (well after bacon sandwiches anyway) then we went off to the beach.

The beach was just fab today, beautiful sunshine even if it was a little cold! The boys played with the power kite & the rest of us played with the sand :)
For the first time we went to the ‘All you can eat’ restaurant which was awesome. Lovely food & all set up for families so very much worth a visit.

Port Zélande CenterParcs Part 2 – Day 6

Today we went to a little town called Brouwershaven which we’ve been to before last year but we knew there was an little enclosure of animals for the kids to look at.
We had a little walk round the marina & harbour but it was a little cold.


After that we drove to a place by the sea called Renesse to the best pancake house! Well it was Pancake Day after all so we thought it would be rude not to :) My husband & his friend had pancake for main & pudding!!

After all that eating we went swimming when we got back to the ranch and then we ate our own body weight in Bittenballen (well holidays are for indulging)

Port Zélande CenterParcs Part 2 – Day 5

Today was the first day we ventured off the CenterParcs site and we decided to go to the beach for a picnic because the weather was lovely.

We went to just outside Ouddorp the nearest town to where we are. The beaches were called West Nieuwland and Oude Nieuwland and were as beautiful as the rest of the beaches around this area. Both had cafés (that were closed for renovation but looked ace) and both had children’s play areas built on the sand. Thankfully my little man loved the beach today, building sandcastles & digging.


After the picnic we went into the town of Ouddorp to do a bit of shopping and to have a lovely hot chocolate. The windmill in the town was a working one so we saw the sails going round & round which the bubba just loved :)


Port Zélande CenterParcs Part 2 – Day 4

Today we took a wander down to the local beach for a bit of sandcastle building. It was a little bit cold so we didn’t stay too long. The little man was getting a bit restless so we took him into the beachside bar to get warm.

We stopped here for some lunch which turned out to be satay chicken, not a chicken burger I thought I’d ordered ???? The joys of a foreign menu but all part of the fun.

We went back to the ranch in the afternoon and went straight for a swim. Afterwards we went for a wander round the complex as the sun was setting and got some lovely views.


Port Zélande CenterParcs Part 2 – Day 3

Today has been a bit of a lazy day. Another couple were coming to join us so we waited in for them to arrive. We then went for a walk down to the marina to feed the ducks and see the boats.

Just on the marina was a little park, with some climbing frames and a sand pit so the kids had a bit of a runaround in there.

After lunch we decided it was time to go back into the Aqua Mundo for a swim. Unfortunately it would seem my little has lost his love for swimming, however he does love splashing in the baby pool which is funny to watch :)

After we’d got far to cold in the water we went to the Adventure Factory for drinks & to watch Orry & Friends.

Port Zélande CenterParcs Part 2 – Day 2

As we have brought all the food for the holidays with us we were left with a full day free. CenterParcs is only 40 mins from the ferry terminal so we were in the complex for 10am.

We couldn’t get into the apartment until 2.30 we decided to make the most of the facilities. We had a coffee and then went for a swim in the Subtropical Swimming Pool. As it is change over day it was so quiet which meant we could easily get onto he slides, but it also meant some bits were closed too. It was enjoyable nonetheless.

We then went into the Adventure Factory for some lunch and a little play on the bouncing castle and trampolines.

Once we got into the cottage we then had a relaxing afternoon reading books listening to music. It was very similar to the cottage we had last year with a balcony overlooking the water, just looking in a different direction.